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Sustainable Restroom SuppliesSustainable restroom supplies, and waterless urinals in particular, are a relatively new concept. Although they are becoming more and more common, you probably have several questions about what these sustainable restrooms supplies are and how they work.

How Do Waterless Urinals Work?

In comparison to standard urinals, waterless ones differ because urine is drained down into a small well in the urinal and then transported into the building’s sewer system once this small containment area gets full. In comparison, standard urinals use water to flush urine down into the sewer system after every flush.

How Much Water Can a Waterless Urinal Save?

One of the main benefits of waterless urinals is that they save significant amounts of water. Typically, when a waterless urinal replaces a traditional one, the new model can save about 40,000 gallons of water on a yearly basis.

What Kind of Maintenance Do These Urinals Need?

Cleaning and maintaining waterless urinals is an extremely easy and simple process. Typically, the only thing maintenance staff needs to do to clean these devices is to spray the urinal with disinfectant, and then wipe it down thoroughly.

Are There Different Types?

Although waterless urinals are the same in concept, there are many different types and designs available. If you are interested in purchasing sustainable restroom supplies for your building, let us at hybridH2O provide you with guidance.