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Why Waterless Urinals are Becoming Popular in Homes

If you own a restaurant, bar, office building, or other establishment where providing public bathrooms is necessary, you may have gone the water-conservation route of installing waterless urinals. It might surprise you to learn that the benefits could make installing one during your upcoming bathroom renovation a good idea, too. In fact, several home renovation companies are offering this upgrade to their customers because homeowners are falling in love with them. Here are a few of the reasons why waterless urinals are becoming popular in residential settings:

  • Desire for eco-friendly options- More people are recognizing that although our planet is roughly 70 percent water covered, nearly 98 percent of that is salt water. This leaves a small amount of fresh water and it seems unconscionable to waste it if there are alternatives, such as waterless urinals, to cut down on flushed water.
  • Desire to save money- When you are on a municipal system, you don’t just pay for the water you use. You also pay a sewer charge that assumes the same amount leaves your home. Depending on the cost of water and sewer where you live, you could save enough to cover the cost of the waterless urinal in just two to three years and enjoy the savings from then on.
  • Shift to working from home and home-based businesses- The more time that you spend at home, the more sense it makes to invest in waterless urinals, especially if you’ll have clients coming to your home. In these situations, the return on your investment could happen in under a year.

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