Why the Education Sector is Utilizing Waterless Urinal Products

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We think of elementary school, high school, and university facilities as places where our youth can gain the important education they need to be productive and happy in life. Education sets the foundation for a lifetime of benefits. All education doesn’t come from books, however. It also comes from the many experiences realized throughout a school year or semester.

Why the Education Sector is Utilizing Waterless Urinal Products

If you want today’s youth to be tomorrow’s water conservationists, consider setting examples. That is one of the concepts behind many school systems installing waterless urinal products in the restrooms. By showing students that the 1 to 3 gallons of water typically used per flush doesn’t have to be wasted, you stand a chance of getting them used to doing many things with less water. When they are out on their own, perhaps they’ll opt for water-conserving fixtures and taking shorter showers, for example.

Of course, setting an example to children and teens isn’t the only reason why the education sector is utilizing waterless urinal products. It is also to conserve funds spent on water so that they can be used in ways more beneficial to the students and the educators. When you consider that each standard urinal can use thousands of gallons of water throughout the year, it makes a lot of sense to move forward with waterless urinal products.

At hybridH2O, we offer waterless urinal products for the education sector and anyone who wants to practice water conservation. We are happy to go over the options and address your questions so that you know what to expect from our waterless urinal products for your new construction or retrofit project.