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In the last few decades there has been an increasing awareness of just how scarce some of the resources we take for granted actually are, as well as how much more scarce they are likely to become in the future.

When the subject of scarce natural resources is brought up, many people instinctively think of energy resources like oil or coal. These are definitely limited resources and will most likely become scarcer in the future, but one resource many people overlook is water, specifically clean water.

We owe it to ourselves and future generations to do everything within our power to conserve the resources we have and come up with strategies to have the lowest impact possible on our environment.

One really simple way that businesses, government bodies, educational institutions and even some private households can make an incremental but meaningful contribution to water conservation is by switching from flush-type to waterless urinals in their buildings.

A typical urinal will use about a gallon of water per flush. This may seem insignificant, but if you add up all the times a man uses the bathroom per day in a particular building that can add up to a lot of good clean water that goes, literally, down the drain.