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Sustainable Restroom SuppliesSustainability can seem like a loaded word, but it’s really just common sense. Often, being good to our environment can seem expensive, but at hybridH2O, we make it a priority to make our services and products affordable.

Our sustainable restroom supplies come in two major categories: waterless urinal cartridges and deodorizing screens and domes. Smarty Bee, the manufacturer of our cartridges and deodorizing domes, takes the principles of successful waste and odor-trapping urinal systems and advances them to state-of-the-art precision, and we also make our own hybridH2O urinal replacement cartridges. In addition, our Wave Eco Fresh deodorizer screens not only spread a positive scent, but they also help minimize urinal splash-back.

But really, these sustainable restroom supplies are good for your finances. The urinal cartridges seldom need to be replaced, which means they go a long way toward paying for themselves, and the lack of moving parts in our urinals means fewer plumber visits. Also, saving water means lower bills for you, so sustainable restroom supplies actually translate to a win-win situation: saving the planet’s water, and saving your money!