What You Can do to Maintain Your Business’ Urinals

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Public restroom cleanliness is very important in presenting a positive appearance for your clients or customers, employees, or anyone else who may use your business’ restroom facilities. Because of their high usage, your restroom’s urinals are one of the most difficult items in your restroom to keep clean and well cared for. However, there are some steps you can take to maintain your business’ urinals to keep them in use for a long while.

What You Can do to Maintain Your Business’ Urinals

One important thing to do is to never procrastinate on repair jobs. Problems with your urinals only get worse over time, so if you notice that things aren’t working, it’s best to take care of the problem sooner rather than later. Prioritizing cleaning is another step to take for urinal maintenance. Cleanliness can prevent bacteria buildup and other hazards. The area surrounding the urinal is important as well. Floor mats below your urinals will help prevent stray urine from breaking down your floors over time.

The type of urinals you use makes a big difference in urinal maintenance. Waterless urinals are the most efficient and are much easier to maintain than flushing urinals. The right products, such as urinal deodorizer domes, can also keep your urinal sanitary and clean while also freshening up and benefiting the rest of the bathroom.

We recommend keeping your public restrooms, especially your urinals, maintained and well-kept in order to provide the best restroom experience for people using your facilities. Waterless urinals are easiest to maintain, so if you want to find a urinal that will benefit your facilities without having to spend a ton of time cleaning and maintaining, talk to us here at hybridH2O today..