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163911765-Waterless Urinal ProductsWaterless urinal products differ in several important ways from products designed for standard bathroom fixtures.

First, the lack of water flowing over the interior surface means that periodic wipe-downs with a mild cleaner are usually all that is needed to maintain the sanitary state of the urinal. This lack of constant moisture also results in lower microbial content. The systems that allow waterless urinals to work without flushing means that a separation is needed between the atmosphere of the restroom and the plumbing that takes the waste away. These systems can use chemicals of different densities, sealants, or other technology to create that one-way barrier.

Besides maintaining a more sanitary restroom, waterless urinal products contribute to the positive ambience of the room. You’ll immediately save significant amounts of money on water and sewer bills, since zero-flush toilets use no water, and the sewer outflow is comparatively minor.

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