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Hybrid-H2O-Waterless-Urinal-Replacement-CartridgeYour waterless urinals are likely a cost-saving decision to reduce your impact on the environment, your utility bills, and improve the image of your business. Whether your zero-flush urinal is for private, commercial, or public use, waterless urinals can solve many issues, especially in areas where water usage can be very high.

By saving the entirety of the gallon of water used to flush a standard urinal – and the three gallons of water used in older urinal models – the change in the water bill is drastic and profound. In addition, a fixture that does not have water constantly running over its interior is at a lower risk of bacterial growth, meaning that a fixture generally needs a periodic wipe-down to maintain a much more sanitary environment. In addition, the cartridge in waterless urinals will seal the atmosphere of the restroom from the plumbing that drains the waste.

At hybridH2O, we work hard to make the very best waterless urinals and waterless urinal replacement cartridges on the market. Our cartridges use no sealant, improving the function and longevity of our cartridges compared to our competitors. We offer a variety of waterless urinal replacement cartridges that fit a number of fixtures, including most waterless urinals. Because of advances in technology and construction, we’re often able to offer higher-quality and better functioning cartridges that fit our competitors’ fixtures for a fraction of the cost. If your low-flush or zero-flush urinal cartridge is nearing the end of its lifespan, give our waterless urinal replacement cartridges a try today!