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Urinal Replacement CartridgesProper maintenance for your waterless urinals is essential to their long life and continued proper function. An important aspect of this is the urinal cartridges and their timely replacement. The precise lifespan of the cartridge depends largely on the traffic to the fixture, as higher amounts of heavy traffic can cause the cartridge to reach its intended lifespan much faster.

There are two primary purposes of the cartridges in waterless urinals. The first is to allow the waste to enter the drain system; the second is to keep the sewer system sealed and separate from the atmosphere of the restroom in which the fixture is located. This is important not only for the ambiance of the room, but also for public health.

Urinal replacement cartridges can be very expensive. To this end, our team at hybridH2O has worked with our proprietary technology to create our own urinal replacement cartridges that fit fixtures from other manufacturers. We’ve worked hard to make sure that our technology works with the fixtures of our competitors for two reasons: first, we’re confident we’ve found a better way to help zero-flush fixtures work more reliably; second, we want to offer less expensive urinal replacement cartridges to the consumers who are concerned with cartridge waste and cost-effectiveness. Our technology uses no sealant, which means our urinal replacement cartridges can function more reliably and at a cost savings to you. Let our team at hybridH2O help you save money!