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Waterless UrinalsLow-flow and ultra-low-flow toilets are one way to save water, but a waterless urinal is the most sustainable choice possible, since it uses no water at all! How does it work? Well, the urine is funneled into a cartridge (we sell cartridges from Smarty Bee, as well as our own) that’s specially designed to collect and trap the urine, and that trap activates a built-in deodorizer, which spreads positive odors around your bathroom. The cartridges keep air away from your waste, so there are no unpleasant odors to combat: no air, no smell. Deodorizer screens (made by Wave Eco Fresh) also help spread positive scents, while also minimizing splash-back from the waterless urinal bowl.

There are no moving parts in waterless urinals because they aren’t necessary! We simply install the waterless urinals and supply your cartridge and deodorizer screen needs as they arise. You’ll notice the difference in your utility costs pretty quickly, repair costs will also plummet without moving parts like flushing levers, and the environment will thank you, so really, you have nothing to lose, except for the unhygienic flaws of a conventional toilet. Try waterless urinals at your establishment, and see how good it can be!