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515807393-waterless urinalsThe needs of any large facility or building can be daunting, especially when it comes to plumbing. Even a family with several children can find their plumbing taxed in addition to a higher water and sewer bill. Waterless urinals are one of the simplest and best ways to keep your water and sewage usage low while providing all of the sanitary needs of your home or office. In addition, low-flush or zero-flush urinals are often an integral part of an overall strategy of LEED certification.

The function is simple, and various methods exist in order to allow the urine to pass into the drainpipe while keeping various gases present in urine from returning to the ambient air. This can be accomplished in various ways, and different techniques require different chemistry or technology. Waterless urinals are one of the simpler retrofits or changes in a remodel, as a cap on the inflow pipe is all that is changed in the plumbing.

With hybridH2O’s cartridge technology, we offer the ability to keep your waterless urinals functioning at top capacity. Our cartridges fit low-flush or zero-flush urinals, so we’re guaranteed to have a product that will work well for your building. In addition to carrying many categories of cartridges for the various waterless urinals on the market, we’re often able to offer our product at a significantly lower cost compared to the manufacturer. This added value means that you can save even more with your low-flush or zero-flush urinal.

Let us at hybirdH2O help you in all your waterless urinal needs!