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Waterless UrinalsMore and more, we are faced with the effects our choices have on our planet. Sustainable appliance choices are kinder to both ourselves and the earth, especially with cutting-edge technology like the kind we use in our waterless urinals. Without water flushing down urine, less water is wasted, and without the need to flush, there’s also no need for a toilet handle or flushing button that can pass on germs from dirty hands. Without flushing, there’s also no spraying of water from the urinal bowl– one of the least hygienic things about regular toilets is that an open toilet sprays water when it flushes, and that water can land anywhere, like on toothbrushes, towels, and soap.

Health benefits aside, waterless urinals alleviate many common bathroom problems, since no moving parts means less of a need for repairs, and that means you save money on plumbing costs. Usually, sustainability means a larger price tag, but in this case, waterless urinals can save you money.

If you think about it, humans are the only animals that dispose of their waste in running water. There is nothing inherently more hygienic about water-using toilets, and now that there are technologically advanced waterless options, you can be kind to your environment, to your health, and to your wallet by using waterless urinals. Contact us today at hybridH2O for more information.