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Waterless Urinal Systems Are Catching on WorldwideThis recent report from The Guardian newspaper in England gives details about the installation of waterless urinals at Kent University. The university expects to save around 3,000 pounds ($4,590 U.S.) per year and reduce its water usage by about 960,000 liters (about 250,000 gallons).

The fact that this respected educational institution saw it fit to change over to these fittings is proof that waterless urinal systems are gaining worldwide acceptance due to the many benefits they offer.

One of the concerns that sometimes holds people back from installing waterless urinal systems in their buildings is the mistaken belief that there are automatically going to be odor problems associated with urinals that do not flush.

This has not been the experience at the university, and the institution’s facilities manager was quoted in the article stating that the new urinals are “far less smelly” then the previously used flushing urinal systems.

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