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Water-Free Urinal SuppliesOne of the main benefits of waterless urinal supplies in office buildings, government agencies, schools, universities, and any other public restroom that uses urinals, is that they save water. If you’re not convinced that water conservation is important to your operation, there are several reasons why you should make saving water a priority with our waterless urinal supplies.

Water is essential to all living things on earth. Not only do humans need it to stay alive, but they also need it to keep clean, grow food, and provide power. Unfortunately, water is a limited resource. Although water can be constantly recycled and conserved naturally, without making efforts to conserve, humans may use up the Earth’s fresh water supply before it has time to replenish.

Conserving water at your location is crucial because when you save water, you not only help out the environment, but also:

  • Ease the burden on wastewater plants.
  • Save energy. Power is used to treat water and also transport this fresh water to your location.
  • Reduce your building’s utility bills. Every drop of water wasted at your location is money down the drain.

By using waterless urinal supplies at your location, you can rest assured that not only are you helping out the environment, but you are drastically cutting down your building’s utility bills for water. Make it a priority to save more water at your location and contact us at hybridH2O to find out more about the waterless urinal supplies we have available.