Urinal Replacement Cartridges

Urinal replacement cartridges are essential to the proper function of the fixture and should be changed regularly.

Waterless Urinal CartridgesThe most significant difference between a standard urinal and waterless urinal is the use of a cartridge that sits in the fixture, keeping waste and the local atmosphere separate. These urinal replacement cartridges are essential to the proper function of the fixture and should be changed regularly. Different cartridges function in different ways, depending on manufacturer, and the variety of techniques in use in these cartridges means that the best cartridge will depend on the ease of maintenance, the frequency of maintenance required, and the amount of traffic that cycles through a particular restroom.

While these urinal replacement cartridges do add some cost to the general maintenance of the urinals, the overall costs plummet when taking water usage and sewer fees into account. At hybridH2O, our proprietary system uses no sealants in its construction, which means there’s even less maintenance when compared to other cartridge or sealant systems currently available. The hybridH2O system has always been designed with ease of maintenance in mind, so our cartridges are easy to change. Our goal is to make every aspect of using a low-flush or zero-flush urinal as easy as or even easier than traditional methods and at a lower cost.

In addition to the cartridges for our own fixtures, hybridH2O is proud to offer cartridges for nearly all waterless urinals currently on the market. We’re proud of the work that we do and are confident that our technology outperforms other types of urinal replacement cartridges to the point where you’ll never need another supplier. Let us help you today!


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