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Waterless Urinal Replacement Cartridges
Waterless urinals are a phenomenal innovation in urinal systems. By removing the need for flushing water, these waterless urinals save huge amounts of money on utility bills. The absence of a flush handle means that they are more hygienic to use since there is no need to touch any part of the urinal. Waterless urinals also have no mechanical parts, so there is very little chance of them breaking and they require very little maintenance. In fact, the only maintenance that a waterless urinal requires, aside from an occasional cleaning, is the installation of new waterless urinal replacement cartridges.

Waterless urinal replacement cartridges are probably the most innovative thing about waterless urinals. The cartridge acts as a trap that urine flows into. Once in the cartridge, the urine is completely sealed off from air, so there are no nasty odors. As the urinal is used, excess urine is forced through the trap and down the drain without the need for running water. Some cartridges use deodorizer domes that help extend the life and efficacy of the cartridge by releasing a pleasant scent into the air and surfactants into the trap, which help to the reduce surface tension of liquids and keep the cartridge cleaner.

Over time, the urinal cartridges will begin to wear out and not function properly. When this happens, odor control will be compromised, and if the cartridge is not replaced, it may lead to clogging. Waterless urinal replacement cartridges typically need to be installed every three to six months, depending on use and the type of cartridge and urinal you are using. Installing a waterless urinal replacement cartridge is easy, and many of the best cartridges, such as the Smarty Bee Cartridges, require no special training to install or maintain.