Urinal Replacement Cartridges, Texas

Urinal replacement cartridges make great first impressions in Texas facilities.

Urinal Replacement Cartridges in TexasUrinal replacement cartridges are integral parts of keeping waterless urinals in ideal condition each day. These cartridges allow for the normal flow of urine down the drain. They also prevent odors so that the smell of urine isn’t in the air. This goes a long way toward making a positive impression on anyone who walks into the restroom.

Before the use of urinal replacement cartridges, it was difficult to keep urinals odor-free and clean. This is because there was nothing inside the urinal to eliminate the odors or trap sediment that gets caught in the drain. Uric salts would build up over time, causing odors to release into the air. The deodorizers that were once used have been deemed carcinogenic, causing the desire for safer and more sanitary solutions for restrooms.

The hybridH2O waterless urinal replacement cartridge, the Smarty Bee 50 Gram Replacement Deodorizer Dome, and the Smarty Bee waterless urinal replacement cartridge are all offered by hybridH2O. They are used by facilities throughout Texas to deodorize and minimize urinal maintenance. Reducing maintenance translates into lower maintenance costs and less time needing to be used to maintain restrooms.

If you want an affordable way to maintain the waterless urinals in your facility, we have solutions for you. Call us today at hybridH2O to learn more about how urinal replacement cartridges and other zero-flow or low-flow urinal products can help you ensure that your restrooms make a great impression on your guests.

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