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Waterless Urinals, Oklahoma

Waterless urinals reduce water costs and increase sustainability in Oklahoma restrooms.

Waterless Urinals in OklahomaWaterless Urinals in Oklahoma – Waterless urinals are becoming more common in Oklahoma and throughout the country. They are contemporary, sometimes don’t require an intake valve, and are economical. They are also relatively easy to install. You get a vitreous china bowl that is mounted on the wall with a uni-bracket. It is sturdy and can last for many years, especially when maintained properly.

While these urinals don’t typically have a valve, we offer the valve option to achieve a self-rinsing waterless urinal. In fact, hyrbidH2O’s HL-28 and HM 25 models are the first self-rinsing waterless urinals in the world. When you opt for the valve on either model, it is programmed to activate at specific intervals, which can be adjusted. This still helps you achieve the goal of water conservation because it only uses 12.5 ounces of water per rinse. This is much less water than the amount used when a traditional urinal is flushed. You must also consider how often traditional urinals are flushed to somewhat grasp how much water is being saved by a waterless urinal even when it has the optional valve installed.

Water, sewer, custodial, and maintenance costs reduce; the odor-free double-sealed cartridge lends itself to odor elimination; and the restroom is more sanitary. It’s a win-win for you, your facility, and the guests who enter your restrooms.

If you are ready to have a lesser impact on the environment and your business’ bottom line by reducing water use and waste production, our team at hybridH2O has the solutions you are looking for with our waterless urinals and associated products. To learn more, call today.

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