Waterless Urinal Cartridges, Ohio

Our top-quality waterless urinal cartridges can make a difference in your restrooms.

Waterless Urinal Cartridges in Ohio

Like their name suggests, no water is needed for waterless urinals to function. These systems simply allow urine to go through a grate at the bottom of the urinal bowl, where it then moves through a well and gradually travels through the facility’s drainage system. Many businesses switch to these urinal systems because they require minimal maintenance and save hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water on an annual basis.

Waterless urinal cartridges are meant to further minimize the cost of waterless urinals by decreasing the amount of waste produced while reducing maintenance needs. Our waterless urinal cartridges offer superior performance when compared to our competitors and help facilities in Ohio maintain clean, comfortable, and safe restroom environments.

In a matter of months, your business will begin to notice payback in terms of reduced energy, water, and maintenance costs. Before you even know it, your waterless urinal cartridges may even pay for themselves!

At hybridH2O, we allow you to purchase our waterless urinal cartridges in bulk or one at a time over our website for maximum convenience. We can also ship our products anywhere, so no matter where your facilities are located, you can benefit from the leading technology our replacement cartridges offer.

Discover the difference our waterless urinal cartridges make for your restroom facility’s cleanliness and efficiency! If you have questions or would like to speak with one of our representatives before placing an order, contact us at hybridH2O today.

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