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Waterless Urinals, New York

Waterless urinals are far from a passing trend.

Waterless Urinals in New York
Waterless Urinals in New York – Being green is at the forefront of American consciousness in recent years. At hybridH2O, we know that waterless urinals are not a passing trend — they’re the future.

There will always be skeptics and naysayers reluctant to adopt new technology and more efficient ways to do things in the world and the same was once true for waterless urinals. Today, they can be found almost anywhere – restrooms at schools, college campuses, and government buildings, concert stadiums, and even sporting arenas. They’re even installed in the New York Mets Citi Field Stadium!

It’s no question why — waterless urinals use zero water while traditional urinals can use anywhere from 1.5 to 5 gallons per flush, depending on the facility. The more water your New York building or facility currently uses, the more water – and energy – you’ll be saving down the road.

At hybridH2O, we’re happy to provide an environmentally friendly alternative that virtually pays for itself just a few months in! The system is revolutionary in its simplicity. Relying on gravity to drain urine through a closed system, waterless urinals end up being more hygienic (there’s no flush handle to promote the spread of germs) and are virtually odorless. The design utilizes an airtight filter, which can be combined with a deodorizer to promote a pleasant scent within the restroom.

What’s the best part? Waterless urinals are connected directly to your plumbing pipes, so that you don’t have to deal with any waste removal yourself. Replacing the cartridges is an easy job that requires zero technical skill, and there are no moving parts, so the maintenance cost ends up considerably lower than traditional urinals.

Give us a call today to find out how simple the switch to waterless urinals can be for your facility.

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