Urinal Replacement Cartridges, New York

Replacing your urinal cartridges is easy with our products.

Urinal Replacement Cartridges in New York

We’re not ones to make stereotypes about New York natives, but we do know that New Yorkers care about the environment as much as their bottom dollar. Waterless urinals offer the best of both: saving money by reducing your water consumption (and water wastage). To maximize the savings, it’s important to know how to extend the lifespan of your waterless urinal with proper maintenance.

Waterless urinals are notoriously low maintenance. At hybridH2O, we know there’s a common misconception that low maintenance means zero maintenance, and that’s simply not true. Although waterless urinal technology does require zero energy expenditure (and zero water), understanding how the waterless urinal system works can help you figure out when you’ll need waterless urinal replacement cartridges.

A waterless urinal system uses gravity to drain waste to the sewer through a hygienic, closed system. The first “funnel” in this system is the cartridge, which effectively traps odor by sealing off the tank (where the urine flows to) from the restroom area.

We recommend routinely stocking up on urinal replacement cartridges, as a good rule of thumb is to replace them every 2-3 months, especially in high volume areas. Regularly replacing the waterless urinal cartridge ensures prolonged function and freshness and prevents unwanted buildup.

Waterless urinals are designed with functionality in mind and with routine maintenance of the system components, will outlast and outperform any traditional model. Give us a call today to learn about how much you could be saving down the road by switching to a waterless urinal system!

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