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Waterless Urinal ProductsWorking in an environment where you have to share a bathroom with other employees is not always the most enjoyable experience. If you are a business owner and operate your own office space, there are several things you can do to make using the office bathroom a less aggravating situation for your staff.


Clean the Bathrooms Regularly

Have you ever walked into a bathroom only to run away from what you found on the floor or on the toilet? If you don’t like going into an unsanitary bathroom, neither will your employees. Make it a priority to sanitize your bathrooms on a daily basis and have your cleaning staff come in and do thorough cleanings regularly, depending on the number of employees who use this space.


Keep Toilet Paper in Stock

Although this may seem obvious, it’s essential. Even if it isn’t your responsibility to replace the toilet paper, go and get some from the supply closet if you notice one of your bathrooms is running low. Your employees will thank you later.


Install Waterless Urinal Products

Installing waterless urinal products is one of the best ways to improve your office’s bathrooms. Unlike traditional urinals, waterless urinals are easy to maintain, more sanitary, and don’t smell as bad. Not only can waterless urinals save your business money by reducing your utility costs, but they can also improve the overall smell in your office’s bathrooms. To find out more about waterless urinal products, get in touch with us at hybridH2O today.