Waterless Urinals, Georgia

The process of cleaning waterless urinals is very easy to manage.

Waterless Urinals in Georgia
Waterless Urinals in Georgia – You will be impressed with how easy it is for you to get waterless urinals cleaned out in your Georgia workplace bathroom. The process for handling your urinal is much easier to work with than if you had a more traditional model.

A waterless urinal can be cleaned off with a few simple steps:

  1. You can start by removing the cartridge inside the urinal. This can be replaced every few months to ensure the urinal will not produce unpleasant odors.
  2. A small bit of water can be flushed through the opening within the urinal. You only need about a liter or two of water to make this work. That is a significantly smaller amount of water than what you would produce off of a single flush.
  3. A traditional cleaner can be sprayed onto the main urinal bowl, as well. This can be applied like with any other cleaner and then washed off with a paper towel or other cloth.
  4. A new cartridge would have to be added into the urinal, as well. Waterless urinals can use new cartridges every couple of months for the best results.

Cleaning waterless urinals in your Georgia office space should not take much time to handle. You will surely save time when you consider how well one of these urinals will keep you from having to go through too many maintenance functions. Check with us at hybridH2O to see how you can get one of these waterless urinals installed in your Georgia space today.

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