Urinal Deodorizer Domes, Georgia

Urinal deodorizer domes can help you keep your bathrooms clean.

Urinal Deodorizer Domes in Georgia

The use of urinal deodorizer domes inside your bathroom in your Georgia business space can make a true difference. But you must look at how well one of these domes can be used where you are. Several things should be considered when seeing how such a dome can work:

  • Look at the fit on the dome and how well it is capable of fitting into a waterless urinal. Many domes are designed to fit well onto most urinals, provided that they are organized and aligned accordingly.
  • See how long the dome can last for. The dome can work for a few months at a time, although the lifespan of a dome can vary by model.
  • Urinal deodorizer domes can help with keeping the urine added into the urinal from being exposed to air. Look at how well a dome can keep the urine from being exposed. Some openings may be found around the surface.
  • The dome covering should also protect the fragrance from outside materials, not to mention from the urine entering the urinal. A solid surface is needed to keep the space from wearing out prematurely.
  • The dome does not have to come with a distinct color, but it should be bright enough to let you know that it is working. The unit may appear dull when it is time to get the setup replaced.

Urinal deodorizer domes are helpful for when you need assistance with getting a bathroom in your Georgia space working with a waterless urinal. Talk with us at hybridH2O if you need help with getting a dome ready for your bathroom space.

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