Waterless Urinal Accessories, Georgia

There are many helpful waterless urinal accessories that will make your business urinals easier to maintain.

Waterless Urinal Accessories in Georgia
As great as the waterless urinals in your Georgia business might be, you should look at what you can get to go alongside the main urinals you have in your space. There are many helpful waterless urinal accessories that will provide you with more support for creating a hygienic bathroom.

  • Deodorizer Features- Start your search for waterless urinal accessories by finding a deodorizer for your use. A deodorizer will work by preventing the urine that is added into a urinal from being exposed to air. This reduces the risk of the human waste producing an unnecessary odor.
  • Cartridge Features- A cartridge may be added to your urinal to help with allowing the flow of urine to move gradually into the well that the urinal is attached to. This assists in producing a clear layout for making the urinal function correctly.
  • Added Screens- A small screen can be added onto the bottom part of the urinal. This may work over the cartridge or deodorizer and be used as an added odor-collecting material. Specifically, this will help as a first defense against any odors that might be produced as a person uses the urinal. One of these waterless urinal accessories can be added along the entire surface of the urinal if needed, but it only needs to work on the very bottom part for it to be useful.

The waterless urinal accessories that you can use are all designed to provide you with a better experience with the bathrooms at your worksite. Check with us at hybridH2O to see how such items can work for your bathroom in your Georgia business site.

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