Waterless Urinal Products, Georgia

How can waterless urinal products work for your Georgia business site?

Waterless urinal products are among the most intriguing products that people can find for their Georgia businesses. But what causes these urinals to work well?

Waterless Urinal Products in Georgia

Let’s look at some of the steps that come with getting waterless urinal products to work:

  1. Urine flows through a cartridge and grate system.
  2. As the urine reaches a cartridge, the odors produced by the urine will be captured and the compound is not exposed to open air.
  3. The urine then moves into a well around the bottom part of the urinal. The waste has to move smoothly through the grate for this to work.
  4. The excess compounds that add up in the space will then flow into a pipe attached to the well.
  5. The pipe will lead the waste into the sewage system.

The key part of using one of these waterless urinal products is that the urine will move out naturally without having to add any water into the mix. This ensures that the toilet will work well while being more hygienic than what you might regularly use in your business space. This could make a real difference when you see how well your bathroom is being handled.

Talk with us at hybridH2O if you need help with getting a waterless urinal ready. You might find that it is very easy for you to find waterless urinal products that will work perfectly for your restroom management needs in Georgia.





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