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Waterless Urinals, California

We believe you’ll enjoy many benefits from choosing waterless urinals for your facility in California.

Waterless Urinals in CaliforniaWaterless Urinals in California – There are a number of reasons switching to waterless urinals is a good move for your facility in California. Over the past several years, there has been a movement towards systems that provide convenience and sustainability.

At hybridH2O, we have been providing customers with the sustainable restroom products they require for the past decade, and we believe you’ll enjoy many benefits from choosing waterless urinals.

  • Reduced Costs – Not only do waterless urinals cost less to maintain, but you may also find that you also have a savings in custodial costs over time. In fact, many of our customers see reduced expenditures in as little as a few months after switching to a waterless urinal system.
  • Sustainability – Of course, in today’s market, finding ways to remain eco-friendly while providing convenient services is essential. Waterless urinals offer the best of both by reducing wasteful water usage while continuing to provide clean facilities for public or private use.
  • Reliability – Did you know that waterless urinals and sustainable restroom products may provide longer-lasting results than standard urinals and cleaning chemicals? That means your investment goes a long way, and you can reap the benefits of this change.

At hybridH2O, we offer three waterless urinal options to meet your needs:

  • hybridH2O HL-28 Urinal
  • hybridH2O HM-25 Urinal
  • hybridH2O HM-25 Urinal, with valve

You can choose the waterless urinals that will work best for your facility, as well as enjoy the sustainable restroom products designed to perfectly fit your new system.

For more information about each of these products, or to make a purchase, you may wish to visit our brochure or shop with us online.

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