Urinal Deodorizer Domes, California

After each use, urinal deodorizer domes activate a deodorizing fragrance that helps to reduce odors and keep your facilities in California smelling fresh and clean.

Urinal Deodorizer Domes in CaliforniaUrinal Deodorizer Domes in California – Whether you use a water-flushing or a waterless urinal system, our goal at hybridH2O is to provide high-quality, dependable solutions for your facilities in California. If you are looking for easy and efficient ways to keep your facilities clean without high costs and constant maintenance, we offer a number of waterless urinal accessories to meet your needs.

One accessory that provides an affordable and efficient solution is our urinal deodorizer domes, which provide multi-faceted advantages for your urinal systems.

  • Water or Waterless – Our urinal deodorizer domes fit together with our waterless urinal cartridges, but they can be used for both water-using and waterless systems. In fact, our waterless systems come with an option valve, so you can program your urinal systems for self-cleaning. Our urinal deodorizer domes work with both systems.
  • Deodorizing – After each use, urinal deodorizer domes activate a deodorizing fragrance that helps to reduce odors and keep your facilities smelling fresh and clean. This helps to reduce constant maintenance and the need for custodial care.
  • Hygienic – Additionally, our urinal deodorizer domes release natural surfactants into the cartridge trap, helping to keep your waterless urinal system clean between each use. You can save time and maintenance by replacing the domes at regular intervals without the need for harsh chemicals and sealants.

If you are interested in upgrading to a waterless urinal system and would like to learn more about our sustainable restroom products, shop online or contact us at hybridH2O for more information. You can save time, save money, and increase efficiency with our urinal deodorizer domes and other waterless urinal products. We know you’ll see the difference.

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