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As the proprietor of a business or public facility, waterless urinal products serve your bottom line by reducing your water bill. By doing so, they preserve water, thereby helping the environment and may even work more efficiently that standard urinals during times of drought. They do these important things without added effort or consideration on your part as a proprietor or custodian. An additional perk is how waterless urinal products spread the message of eco-awareness.

A waterless urinal does not pronounce its environmental intent the way other eco-aware products may, and yet the subtlety of their environmental advantages can leave an indelible impression on the user. Any gentleman availing himself to a waterless urinal may or may not notice the difference, but if he does, then the efficiency and normalcy of this water-saving product can speak volumes to him about the merits of green thinking.

This is how good ideas spread — by being a demonstrably workable solution. The fact that it saves you money is an additional perk. We at hybridH2O want to help the environment by making it easy for you to do so. We take things even further with our urinal replacement cartridges by Smarty Bee, which can be flushed with simple water and require no soaps or other cleansers. This is another way in which our waterless urinal products protect the environment, by obliging you to flush away that much less chemicals into the sewer systems. However, our gentleman availing himself to the waterless urinal won’t know about that. Instead, he’ll be taking away with him a positive impression of a good idea, and good ideas tend to spread.