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Waterless Urinal AccessoriesYou have finally purchased your first waterless urinal, and now you just need some accessories. The right waterless urinal accessories will provide you with everything you need to use your urinal. While you can buy the accessories individually, you can also buy them all together in a kit if you purchase them from us at hybridH2O. That makes it easy to get started with your waterless urinal.

  • Cartridges- Cartridges are the most important of the waterless urinal accessories. Cartridges have several functions. They are the urinal’s funnel system, and they hold the sealant liquid. They also filter the urine, and then they allow gravity to move the urine down the drain. You need to have the cartridge in place so your system can function properly.
  • Deodorizers- You also need to have deodorizers. You have a couple of options for this. You can go with a dome deodorizer that not only puts out a positive scent, but also squirts detergent out into the bowl, or you can select a screen deodorizer. These deodorizers fight against splashback, so you won’t have to worry about urine splashing out of the bowl. That is great news for the person in charge of keeping the bathroom clean!

Once you gather all of your waterless urinal accessories, you’ll be ready to start using your urinal. Make the process easier by getting everything you need from us athybridH2O. You can shop for everything you need online and then get it delivered to your front door.