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Waterless Urinal AccessoriesWaterless urinal accessories cover the range of everything from the cartridges or sealant one uses to maintain separation between the bathroom and what has already gone down the drain to the cleaners designed for the specific needs of waterless urinals and the deodorizer domes or screens that keep the restroom smelling fresh and clean.

Conservation of water and maintaining sanitary fixtures are the major purposes and major challenges of waterless urinals. Waterless urinal accessories aim to ameliorate those issues and reduce the need or change the type of maintenance needed. The lack of water flowing through the entire interior of the fixture means that it’s less likely to breed bacteria, resulting in a less harsh cleaning solution being required to clean it. These milder cleaners are generally better for the environment in general, as they avoid the harsh, industrial-grade chemicals required for some other uses in high-traffic public restrooms.

Deodorizer screens promote a positive scent and interfere with the flow of urine in order to prevent splashing. Deodorizer domes serve much the same purpose, often sitting directly on top of the cartridge used in many waterless urinals. These cartridges are the core of waterless urinal accessories; without them, there is no seal to prevent gases and outflow from the sewer from re-entering the urinal. For this reason, proper maintenance and changing of the cartridge according to recommendations is key.

We manufacture a variety of cartridges for waterless urinals, including cartridges that fit other manufacturers’ models. Let hybridH2O and our technology save you time and money while keeping your bathroom green!