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Waterless Urinal Accessories Available OnlineSustainable restrooms are the growing trend in restroom design in our time. When you are planning your restroom facility’s design, or when you are shopping for sustainable restroom supplies, it is important that you know the ins and outs of the topic, as well as from whom you are purchasing your waterless urinal accessories and equipment. To that end, R. Turner Associates is proud to hold our place among the very leaders of the industry of waterless urinal accessories and other sustainable restroom supplies.

Our products are available to clients through our website under the label HybridH2O. We specialize in offering waterless urinals, waterless urinal accessories, and sustainable restroom supplies at the very best prices. Products available include waterless urinals, as well as the world’s first hybrid urinal system, which uses a greatly diminished amount of water for its operation, as well as replacement cartridges and anything else needed to keep your modern restroom facility running smoothly.

Waterless urinals use a cartridge to filter and dispose of any fluids that enter the urinal. Because there is no water involved, no water supply hookup or flush valve is needed at all. Instead, the fluid in the urinal moves simply by the force of gravity to the bottom of the bowl where the cartridge filter is located. This filter helps greatly to remove any odors and send the filtered fluid through to the drainage system.

These cartridges have a limited but lengthy lifespan and typically need to be changed only a few times each year. We offer replacement cartridges, as well as deodorizer domes and screens and other sustainable restroom supplies, online through our website, at the best prices.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you design your new restroom facility. If you are already maintaining such a facility, trust in us to provide everything you need in your sustainable restroom supplies, including waterless urinal accessories.