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US Army Includes Waterless Urinal Units in its New Eco-Friendly SheltersAn article that recently appeared on Greentech Media’s website reports on a new type of shelter designed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In time, these new semi-rigid structures may well replace the currently ubiquitous canvas tent on battlefields and in encampments occupied by the U.S. Army.

The shelters are designed to provide accommodations for ten soldiers each and are crammed full of features focused on sustainability and being ecologically responsible while reducing costs (always a concern for an organization as huge and with as big a budget as the U.S. Army).

One of the notable features of the shelters is the inclusion of waterless urinal technology. Obviously the army engineers put a lot of thought and research into the design and purpose of each type of component, so the inclusion of waterless urinals proves that this type of sanitary device is gaining widespread acceptance as a way to curb costs and limit environmental impact.