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Using New Technology Helps Maintain Cleaner Urinal Systems

No one enjoys the smell that is associated with urinal systems that have gone a little too long without being cleaned. However, it can be difficult to keep up with routine cleaning when you operate a busy public restroom area. If you are constantly looking for solutions for your urinal systems to help keep them cleaner longer, then updating your technology may provide the best results. So, what exactly is out there on the market today that will help you achieve your goals?

  • Waterless Urinals – Waterless urinal systems offer a number of advantages for high-traffic restrooms, including reduced water usage, easier maintenance, and cost-savings. You may find that the addition of waterless urinal systems makes a difference in your operating costs and the cleanliness of your restrooms overall.
  • Screens & Domes – We all know that screens and domes are just part of urinal systems because they help to reduce odors and splashback when a urinal is in use. However, there are some great advancements in regards to these products, including waterless cartridges that achieve the same goals without the need for constant replacement or problems due to incorrect installation.
  • Sustainable Restroom Products – Ultimately, sustainable restroom products are the way to go when you have urinal systems that are eating away at your budget and your patience. Taking a moment to explore these options can really make a difference in the short and long term for your facility.

At hybridH2O, we offer both waterless urinal systems and sustainable restroom products to help you achieve cleaner, more efficient restrooms. Contact us today to discuss your facility’s needs and to give our products a try. We know you will see great results.