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Waterless Urinal CartridgesIf you own one or many waterless urinals, you’ve made a conscious choice to invest in the environment and in lowering your monthly utility bills. These urinals are some of the earliest to come to market, and they are changing the ways facilities and homes consider their use of water and sewer systems.

Since the standard urinal uses between one and three gallons of water per flush, waterless urinals changed the market by using no water at all. Part of the breakthrough comes from using an interchangeable cartridge that seals the waste below and keeps gases from returning through the plumbing. Waterless urinal cartridges should be changed at regular intervals, depending on location and number of uses.

At hybridH2O, we’ve worked hard to be able to offer new and different options to those who have waterless urinals in their business or home. There is a hybridH2O cartridge that fits all major models of waterless urinals currently available, and we’re often able to sell our waterless urinal cartridges at a significantly reduced price, while providing significantly longer useful life. Part of this savings comes from our proprietary technology that eliminates the use of sealant in our waterless urinal cartridges. The other part comes from our dedication to supplying cartridges for nearly all waterless urinals on the market.

Let us help you today with all of your waterless urinal and cartridge needs!