Urinal Systems the Five-Star Restaurants are Choosing

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When you go to a five-star restaurant, you expect to be impressed. In fact, you deserve every element of your experience to be off the charts! That doesn’t end with attentive service, gourmet food, and an unrivalled atmosphere in the dining area—it extends to the restrooms too. That is why many elegant restaurants are choosing urinal systems that are a step above the traditional. Smarty Bee waterless urinal systems are an ideal choice if you are starting a new restaurant or rebranding a current one to make it more upscale.

Urinal Systems the Five-Star Restaurants are Choosing

There are several benefits of waterless urinal systems that make them a great option. First, you’ll save money on your water bill. Second, you’ll appeal to your clientele who support the need for water conservation and will appreciate that you do too. They’ll also love that you invested in cutting-edge technology in an area where your competition might not.

Finally, the urinal deodorizer screens on waterless urinal systems provide a positive scent that makes your restroom a pleasant place. When you think about it, sometimes it is as much the various small touches that keep your customers coming back as it is your award-winning chef and attentive staff.

At hybridH2O, we are happy to work with new restauranters, as well as established restaurants that are looking to add an upscale addition to their restrooms. We offer waterless solutions that make the best option in urinal systems for any restaurant, five-star and otherwise. For more than a decade, we have been providing fixtures and cartridges to many differ sectors and look forward to helping you with your restaurant’s needs.