University of Arizona Incorporates Waterless Urinals into New Building


On July 30, 2013, the Arizona Daily Wildcat reported on the environmentally-friendly measures that are being included in the new home of four departments of the University of Arizona. Among the many energy- and resource-saving measures on the cards is the fitting of dual-flush toilets and waterless urinals in bathrooms.

It is heartening to see a respected academic institution getting serious about environmental responsibility and especially water conservation. The years spent in educational institutions have a significant influence on the attitudes and norms that people develop and hold later in life.

Hopefully more educational institutions will adopt this kind of measure, including considering the use of waterless urinals, when designing new facilities or refitting existing ones. Sending a strong message to their student body about the importance of conserving water will mean that this becomes a normal part of their thinking, and they will be more likely to implement similar measures in their own organizations when they are in decision-making roles later in life.