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Waterless Urinal Products You think you’re ready to set up a waterless urinal system, but you aren’t quite sure where to begin. What waterless urinal products do you need? You need a few items to get started, and you can get them all from us at hybridH2O. Once you get your products, you’ll be ready to use a waterless system in your home.

  • The Urinal- The urinal is the most important of all of the waterless urinal products. Your urinal will reduce your water and sewage costs and will control restroom odors. It will also make your restroom more hygienic. Choose from urinals with or without valves.
  • Replacement Cartridges- Waterless urinal products also include the replacement cartridges. Smarty Bee cartridges are among the best of your options. These cartridges don’t require a seal and reduce the amount of sediment in the drain line. You can also use any type of standard cleaner with Smarty Bee cartridges, which is a real relief.
  • Deodorizers- You can also get deodorizer screens and domes. Both release a positive scent, which makes bathrooms much more pleasant. The screens also reduce splashback, which is great news for guys who don’t want to end up with urine on their pants. It is also good news for people who have to clean the bathroom after use. No one likes to clean up after splashbacks, so you should reduce it any way you can.

Waterless urinal products are the first step in maintaining a healthier environmental and better home or business. Get these products from hybridH2O so you can have a waterless system.