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waterless urinals do not flush with water
We at hybriddH2O want to help you make your facility the best it can be, and a big part of that is making sure your restrooms can work efficiently and also have a positive scent. The urinals in your restrooms will have a big impact on both of these outcomes, so it’s important to choose the best option for your needs. To help you decide, in this article, our team at hybriddH2O will be going over some of the key differences between traditional urinals and our waterless models.

  • Traditional Urinals. Traditional urinals are also called flush urinals because, like toilets, they use water to flush urine into the trap below more quickly. These models can use a number of different flush mechanisms, including a manual handle, a timer, or a sensor, but the basic concept stays the same. While it may seem like flushing with water is only way to ensure proper sanitation, as technology continues to develop this is becoming less and less true. Many businesses are now turning to our team at hybriddH2O to replace these models with our waterless ones in order to save both water and money.
  • Waterless Urinals. As the name implies, waterless urinals do not flush with water, but instead let gravity carry urine into the trap on its own. Once it passes through the trap, urine will then pass through one of our cartridges, which use sophisticated chemical technology to prevent the urine from reacting with water and creating a stink, as well as preventing any gases from the pipes from entering your restroom. Waterless urinals from our team at hybriddH2O will help you save on water–to the tune of over 25,000 gallons a year per unit–as well as save money on utility and maintenance costs.