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Top Names in Waterless Urinal ProductsWaterless urinals are a great development for public restroom facilities. Through carefully thought-out design and well-crafted products, the need for water supplies and flushing has been, in many cases, totally eliminated from the urinal. Other urinal designs retain the water hook-up and supply, but use it only for periodic rinsing rather than flushing, saying goodbye to the dreaded flush valve once and for all. In case you are a newcomer doing some research in sustainable restrooms, here are some top names in the field of waterless urinal products.

  • Smarty Bee – Smarty Bee is a leader in the design of new filtration cartridges and deodorizer domes. Available online through R. Turner Associates,  Smarty Bee products are intuitive to use, require very little maintenance, and have great lifespans. Their newer generation of filter cartridges is also retrofitted to fit older models of waterless urinals.
  • HybridH2O – This company specializes in the design of sustainable restroom products and offers the world’s very first hybrid urinal system. Much like waterless urinals, hybrid urinals available through HybridH2O require no water in order to flush fluids down into the drain; instead, they rely on water only to rinse the bowl at regular intervals, thus using water at a greatly reduced rate when compared to traditional flush-type urinals.
  • R. Turner Associates – Our company has been supplying waterless urinal products and restroom supplies for over 10 years. Customers can expect dependable, quality products from industry leaders through R. Turner Associates. The catalog of R. Turner Associates’ waterless urinal products is available through this website.