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If you installed waterless urinals, equipped with waterless urinal cartridges, in the bathrooms in your building, you made the first step towards cleaner and environmentally friendly bathrooms. However, in order for you to get the most out of your waterless urinal cartridges and urinals, it’s essential that you keep them properly maintained.



Maintaining waterless urinals is not much different than cleaning traditional ones. Although they are more hygienic, you should still have your cleaning staff disinfect the urinals in your bathrooms on a daily basis. However, if you have a set of waterless urinals in a high-traffic bathroom, you should consider disinfecting them more than once a day.


Cartridge Replacement

Replacing your waterless urinal cartridges is an essential component of making sure your urinals work like they should. How often you should replace your cartridges should depend on the time elapsed and usage. Typically, you should replace the cartridges about every three to six months.

To help your building stay on top of replacing the cartridges in your urinals, keep a log of the last time they were replaced and put the next time they need to be changed on your calendar. When you go to replace the cartridges, make sure that your cleaning staff is aware of the manufacturer’s specifications and how to do it properly.

Whether you need tips on how to maintain your building’s waterless urinals or getting new waterless urinal cartridges for your bathrooms, you can count on us at hybridH2O to help you out.