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Three Reasons People Avoid Public Urinals and What You Can Do About It

Anyone who has had to use a public restroom facility knows the undecided feeling of whether it can wait or if you have to give in to the urge to go. Whether you are at the airport, taking a long road trip, or are at a school, using public urinals can sometimes be an unpleasant activity. In fact, there are a few reasons why people avoid using public urinals and will do everything in their power to avoid this option when it’s time to go.

  1. Smells – Humans have sensitive noses, and the fact of the matter is that no one wants to use a restroom facility that smells like – well, a restroom. The moment the door opens and that unique smell hits the air, it can be a total turnoff, no matter how bad we need to go.
  2. Cleanliness – Public urinals, especially ones with a lot of use, can be a germaphobe’s nightmare. When was the last time they were cleaned? Do you need to bring your own wet wipes? Is it really safe to go? Cleanliness is a huge factor when you are making the decision as to whether you should use a public restroom facility.
  3. Stress – The stress of having to go and not knowing what to expect from public urinals is enough to make anyone think twice. Is it going to be clean, how will it smell, are there other people in there? With all these lurking questions, playing the waiting game may be fairly tempting.

So, what can you do if you operate a public restroom facility so that people who need to go can do so without hesitation? The answer is simple: Give us a call at hybridH2O to discuss our waterless urinal products that can really make your public urinals cleaner, fresher smelling, and more inviting for anyone who needs to make a pit stop. We carry a number of waterless urinals and sustainable restroom products that will make any public restroom facility more enjoyable. Call today to get started!