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urinal systems are eco-friendly and aesthetically better

When a gentleman avails himself to a urinal, there are several tells implicit in the kind of urinal system he’s using with regard to type of business or facility he’s in. Some places are serious and others are not. Some places are where responsible people go to while other places are where folks go to party.

For instance, if there’s a urinal cake in the urinal, a urinal user knows the proprietor’s trying to cover up odors that may arise due to it being a high traffic place or a rowdy one, like a bar. Similarly, if a urinal has a humorous target in it, the place is probably serving a lot of alcohol and some patrons are forgetting to aim properly. Urinal systems that are full of ice indicate somewhere where theres’ an overworked custodian who won’t be in for a while.

We’re not here to judge those businesses or facilities, but the point is easy to understand. Now, if your urinals do a regular, automatic full flush of water at regular intervals, then that restroom probably isn’t serviced as often as one would hope. The whining rattle of pipes as the automatic flush happens is unpleasant. Odors may be inevitable. Furthermore, it’s certainly not a place where the environment is an important consideration.

A gentleman availing himself to a properly maintained waterless urinal is receiving a completely different message. These urinal systems are eco-friendly and aesthetically better, too. We at hybridH2O provide that better message with our waterless urinals, which save water while our Smarty Bee urinal cartridges trap urine underneath to keep things fresh. Our urinal systems will tell your patrons that your business or facility is where thrifty eco-conscious people go.