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Sustainable Restroom Supplies From Smarty BeeSmarty Bee is a leader in the field of sustainable restroom supplies. In order to enhance the function of existing waterless urinal systems, Smarty Bee has designed a new type of cartridge that combines ease of maintenance with enhanced effectiveness. This new cartridge is the cornerstone of any modern waterless urinal system.

Cartridges from Smarty Bee are designed to allow urine to pass into a filter system by gravity alone, thus eliminating any need for water to force the urine into the system. After fluids have entered the cartridge, they pass through a special chemical liquid that has a density lighter than water, allowing the water (and urine) to pass through and settle on the bottom. With the chemical resting on top of the urine, there is better control of odors. Smarty Bee cartridges are fitted with a special odor-neutralizing dome on top, which emits a pleasant fragrance, improving the overall atmosphere of the restroom facility.

Smarty Bee cartridges have no need for harsh chemical sealants that frequently need to be replaced. Instead, the fluid inside the cartridge lasts for the life of the cartridge, which is quite a long time. Most cartridge filters need to be replaced only a few times per year at the very most, depending on the volume of traffic in your restroom facilities. Also, Smarty Bee cartridges are retrofitted to be able to fit into early models of waterless urinal systems.

Smarty Bee sustainable restroom supplies are intuitive to use and easy to maintain. There is no need to worry about water or other fluids being added into the system and causing problems; any liquid may pass through the system. The simplified system offers reduced costs for maintenance and, of course, water bills. If you are interested in trying Smarty Bee products in your restroom facility, visit the R. Turner Associates’ website for HybridH2O systems here.