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Sustainable Restroom Supplies

At one time, sustainable restroom supplies were all over Europe, but they were hard to find in the United States. As we become more concerned with global warming and droughts, waterless urinals are popping up in bathrooms all across the country. These urinals help save water and cut down on costs.

If you spend much time traveling, you have likely encountered sustainable restroom supplies, including waterless urinals. You can find waterless urinals at Citi Field Stadium if you stop by to see the New York Mets play. They are also at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, which is a huge tourist attraction. These urinals have likely saved the city tons of money in water bills. They are even in all of the state buildings in Arizona, due to the large number of droughts that the state suffers. By saving the water in the urinals, the state is able to minimize the damage caused by these droughts.

As urinals and other sustainable restroom supplies grow in popularity in public buildings, you’ll also notice them in some homes around the country. These urinals save families that house four males about 6,500 gallons of water each year, so a waterless urinal is the way to go if you’re serious about conserving water.

If you want to install a waterless urinal but you don’t know how to begin, contact us ay hybridH2O. We can help you get started, whether you need to install urinals in a public building or you want to install them in your home for personal use.