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Sustainable Restroom SuppliesAn important part of keeping your building energy-efficient revolves around the ratio of waste to usage. If you decrease the total waste relative to the amount of the commodity you’re using, you make better use of what you have and can more easily sustain that rate of usage. This idea applies to many aspects of business and life, and your sustainable restroom supplies are one of the easiest ways to maintain an energy and resource-efficient environment.

Sustainable restroom supplies can be as simple as the type of paper towels or hand dryers you use in the restroom, as well as the fixtures used in the bathrooms. Advances in low-flush or waterless fixtures have led to a proliferation of options on the market for customers who want to both make a difference in their bottom line and be respectful of the environment. Low-flush or zero-flush urinals require different maintenance compared to their standard cousins, and they often use a cartridge-based system to allow urine through and keep waste products or gases from re-entering the fixture. These cartridges need to be changed regularly for optimum performance, generally as measured by the number of uses or a specific time rate, depending on the traffic into the restroom.

Cartridges by hybridH2O fit our own and our competitors’ fixtures, and our technology allows us to often meet or beat their prices. We use no sealant and have a cartridge that meets your needs and local requirements for zero-flush or low-flush urinals. Let us at hybridH2O prove to you why we’re your best choice for sustainable restroom supplies.