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Urinal Systems

Waterless urinal systems from hybridH2O are simply the best value for your dollar.

Urinal SystemsUrinal systems have evolved greatly over the past two decades. In response to changes in technology and increasing concerns about the environment, modern urinal systems offer many new options. Principal among these new options is in how resources are used, and the savings in water and sewage can be substantial. Many public places, including stadiums, government buildings, and educational facilities, stand to not only save significantly in their consumption of water and the sewer bill, but also to visibly demonstrate to at least half the population that the dedication to conservation is not just words.

The most important considerations when an installation or renovation includes urinal systems are the local regulations regarding low-flow or waterless urinals and the needs of the local population.

At hybridH2O, our urinals are designed to function as waterless urinals, but they maintain the connections that allow them to be installed with an ultra-low flow valve to rinse the fixture.

Another benefit of waterless urinal systems is in the maintenance. Without water, the interior of the fixture is much less receptive to bacterial growth. This means that the fixtures can be cleaned more easily and with much fewer chemicals.

Urinal systems from hybridH2O are simply the best value for your dollar. Our proprietary cartridge system uses no sealant, providing a more reliable liquid barrier for the waste that transits the urinal to the sewer line. We also offer replacement cartridges that fit nearly all waterless urinal models on the market. Let us help you today!



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