Smarty Bee Waterless

Smarty Bee waterless solutions are the most intelligent choice you can make for your restrooms.

Smarty Bee WaterlessMaking the move to any type of water-conserving method can be challenging and costly if done wrong. We’ve see low-flow shower heads and low-flush toilets slowly integrate themselves into homes, businesses, and government buildings. The savings from these advancements means that our increasing population uses less water per person and sends less waste water for treatment. What if you could reduce one aspect of your water usage to zero?

Smarty Bee Waterless options from us at hybridH2O are the perfect solution to help you and your home or business save even more water, reduce sewer fees, and promote greater public health. The Smarty Bee waterless urinal cartridge is designed to allow waste into the drain and sewer system, while preventing gases or liquids from that system from travelling into any restroom space. For over a decade, we’ve been providing fixtures and cartridges to businesses, government buildings, military installations, and other locations to help save water and improve the environment. In addition to the sanitary function, the Smarty Bee Waterless cartridge is designed to be simple to change, which reduces overall costs and time. Our urinals can be installed as a zero-flush fixture, or as a low-flush (one-pint flush) fixture in areas where zero-flush fixtures may be currently prohibited by local ordinance.

We’ve also made Smarty Bee Waterless cartridges for nearly all the zero-flush or low-flush urinals currently on the market. Because our cartridge technology does not need sealant to work, we can offer replacement cartridges for any other waterless urinal on the market. Let hybridH20 and the Smarty Bee Waterless system help you!


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