Smarty Bee Waterless, Washington

With our Smarty Bee waterless urinal cartridges, you can easily maintain the cleanliness of your facilities in Washington.

Smarty Bee Waterless in Washington
If you’ve established waterless urinals in your restroom facilities, you may find yourself looking for additional solutions to reduce odors and eliminate cleanup.  At hybridH2O, we understand that there is often a gap between waterless urinal system implementation and the ability to maximize their potential to promote cleanliness. Fortunately, with our Smarty Bee waterless urinal cartridge, you can easily maintain the cleanliness of your facilities in Washington and fully enjoy the advantages that waterless urinal systems have to offer.

Smarty Bee waterless urinal cartridges are designed to help in two ways: firstly, they allow waste to drain into the sewer system via the established urinal plumbing; secondly, they help eliminate odors by preventing liquids or gases from traveling back into the restroom area. Smarty Bee waterless cartridges are ideal for high-traffic areas and are simple to install for easy cost and time management.

One major advantage of switching to Smarty Bee waterless urinal cartridges is that they can be outfitted for virtually any zero-flush urinals on the market today.  If you have already upgraded your facilities with this type of system, it is easy to maintain cleanliness and sanitary conditions with the simple addition of Smarty Bee waterless products.

If you are interested in incorporating sustainable restroom products in your facilities in Washington, you may find our waterless urinal systems and accessories are a great fit. At hybridH2O, we also offer two urinal systems that will help you reduce water usage and maintain a cleaner restroom facility for everyone.

Contact us at hybridH2O today to learn more about our Smarty Bee waterless cartridges and other sustainable restroom products.

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