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Sustainable Restroom Products: The StaplesSustainable restrooms are quickly becoming the norm all around the world for public restroom facilities. In addition to saving and conserving water and other natural resources, they also save time and money on the supply of water and maintenance. Most sustainable restroom products are in fact very simplified versions of the traditional restroom devices. Here are the two staple sustainable restroom products.

  • The Air Dryer – We all know that older models of air dryers for the hands can be more of a nuisance than a help, but new models are a huge improvement to paper towels. They help eliminate waste in your restroom facility and also make maintenance and daily cleaning that much easier. A huge portion of the trash that comes out of the restroom is paper towels used for drying hands. And a good model of an air dryer for the hands will leave the user with fresh, dry, and warm hands in as little as 10 seconds or less.
  • The Waterless Urinal – A waterless urinal is all benefit with no catch. The system, which has no need for a water supply hookup, is a simplified version of the traditional urinal. It has no flush valve, since flushing is not required at all, and helps to control odors in the restroom. Additionally, it helps to conserve your water usage, saving both a precious natural resource and quite a bit of money on your water bill. Fluids are filtered through a cartridge that helps take odor out of the air and connects to the drain. The cartridge is changed periodically at long intervals of two or three times a year.

For more information about how to incorporate waterless urinals into your supply of sustainable restroom products, contact us at R. Turner Associates.